Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 10.21.58Thanks for your interest in HikerPhD. I teach political and moral philosophy at Montana Tech of the University of Montana—but more importantly, I’m an avid hiker and backpacker.

I recently moved (May 2015) from Brooklyn to beautiful Butte, Montana, which has quite dramatically expanded my hiking opportunities. Butte is nestled in the Rocky Mountains with access to the Continental Divide Trail and number of nearby national forests and parks.

I hope to use this site as a record of my hikes in Montana and elsewhere. For now, I’ll be working my way through the trails detailed in the QWick Guides to the Butte and Anaconda/Philipsburg areas as well as Bill and Russ Schneider’s classic guide, Hiking Montana and Robert Stone’s Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana. If you have other suggestions for day hikes or backpacking trips in Southwestern Montana, please let me know!

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