I am a rootless academic. While writing my dissertation back in 2015, I left Brooklyn with my partner for Butte, Montana, where she had landed a tenure-track gig as a professor of literature at the local university. Until recently, I taught environmental ethics to aspiring petroleum engineers in a part-time capacity. Unfortunately, Montana Tech’s general antagonism for the humanities coupled with a hostile fiscal climate at the state level means that I became too expensive to keep on, even at the laughable sum an adjunct lecturer earns. So reading and writing has become, once more, an uncompensated vocation.

At present, I’m completing revisions for my book on the concept of atrocity, trying to get a prison book program off the ground, co-curating the CINEMAtech Film Series, and raising our (now two year old) daughter. I also happen to be an avid hiker and backpacker.

Moving from the Big Apple to the Big Sky obviously expanded my hiking opportunities quite dramatically. Butte is a gritty old mining town nestled in the Rocky Mountains with close access to the Continental Divide Trail and a number of nearby national forests and parks. I use this blog as a record of my hikes in Montana and elsewhere. Besides photographs and unfiltered commentary, I try to provide a bit of historical context or folk wisdom about the trails I hike.

I volunteer with the Montana Wilderness Association every year and, summer by summer, I’m working my way through Bill and Russ Schneider’s classic guide, Hiking Montana and Robert Stone’s Day Hikes Around Bozeman, Montana. But there’s so much to explore in this stunning part of the world and I’d love to hear about your favorite day hikes or backpacking trips in Southwestern Montana—so please let me know!

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